Our 2013 Campaign Aimed to get Neighbors talking
(and dancing, too!)

Close to Home’s 2012 Community Campaign “Know your Neighbor” aims to connect neighbors in the 5 streets area of Dorchester in preventing domestic violence, because the best form of prevention is a strong community where neighbors turn to one another in moments of crisis and celebration. Through a series of events, conversations, and celebrations, we hope to provoke a conversation, dialogue and most important collective action in preventing domestic violence in our neighborhood, city and community. Please join us in strengthening our community and our engagement.

Getting to know our neighbors is an important way to prevent violence in our homes and on our streets. Join us in building a community of peace by participating in our new "Hello, Neighbor: Campaign. Click here to get involved. Here are some tips on how to get to know your neighbors better:

  • Smile and say “hello”
  • Start a conversation
  • Attend neighborhood events
  • Support local businesses
  • Listen and offer help
  • Share food
  • Join local support networks
  • Share resources and skills

Our campaign involves the following strategies and abilities to get involved—because we know people are at different places.