Get Involved

Close to Home performs the local work through neighborhood organizing. This is also how you can get involved!

 Neighborhood organizers at Close to Home support local community members in starting conversations about domestic & sexual violence. We help to create safe spaces for people to share their stories. We collectively support and empower those impacted by domestic & sexual violence to heal and help prevent domestic & sexual violence from happening. We work with residents, businesses and other community leaders and stake holders in efforts to strengthen the community. We work with those who have been directly impacted and allies who want to make a difference in their community. We take action within the following groups to prevent domestic & sexual violence, respond to violence, raise awareness, and create a stronger community. 

Event Planning & Fund Raising Team

We believe that a community that knows each other is a safer community in the homes and in the streets. Our event planning and fund raising team plan events in the community to provide people with an opportunity to meet others in their community. In addition, we host fund raising event to help support the local programming. Our priorities are to provide family friendly fun while making a space for domestic violence conversation/education and host separate events to raise funds. This team meets every Thursday night.

Block Party Committee

We host an annual Block Party on Ditson Street. Our Block Party goals are to engage other organizations in our effort to provide the community with a safe space to come out and get to know their neighbors while having a great time. We are looking for local community members to join this committee so we can work together to make next year’s Block Party greater than previous years. This Committee will begin meeting in January 2014.

Theater Group

 We use theater as a tool of healing and awareness. This can be done through skits, monologues, and larger productions. We believe that the arts help us raise awareness, start the conversation, heal, and empower ourselves in the face of traumatic experiences. We are currently planning a Monologue project to begin in the fall. Ask us about what times the group will be meeting.

Other Project Ideas Are Always Welcomed!

We are community driven. If you have an idea for a new project, we welcome you to share your ideas with us. Please contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your visions and ideas.

To join call the office at 617.929.5151 or email Heather Dabreu